I'm Taru Salovaara, a 30-year-old nurse and home care worker from Espoo. At the moment I work in a trade union as a spokesperson and journalist, but I have spent my career almost exclusively in various social and health service units. I have worked in nursing homes, home care, home hospital and as a personal assistant. In my spare time, I am active in organizations and associations. Making a difference is a matter of my heart and a passion for me.

I originally founded the site for my municipal election campaign. In the municipal elections, I was elected deputy councilor of the Espoo city council. In addition, I work as a deputy member of the Business and Competitiveness Division and as a member of the Espoo-Lohja regional advisory board of Laurea University of Applied Sciences.

In the following year's regional elections I was elected to the regional council of Western Uusimaa. In addition, I serve as the chairperson of the division of individual affairs for the term 2022-2023.

On this page, I talk about my thoughts primarily from a political perspective, but also through my own work and everyday experiences. You should also follow me on social media.

Please contact me if you have any questions or worries. Contact information can be found here.

I am a candidate in the parliamentary elections of 2023!

SDP Uusimaa held an additional district meeting in June to name their first candidates for the parliamentary elections. I'm happy and honored to be a part of that group.

You can read more about my thoughts regarding the election from a dedicated page. The content will be updated as the campaign advances.

Join my campaign?

This campaign is not made alone. My support team has a bigger role than ever before. All kinds of help is needed and you can participate within the limits of your own resources. No previous campaign experience is needed. If you have any questions, please contact me at salovaarataru@gmail.com of Whatsapp 045 7884 5016.

Donate to my campaign

In the previous parliamentary elections, the candidates that passed in the Uusimaa electoral district used on average 30 000 euros for their campaigns, which is a huge amount of money. My own budget is considerably more limited and that's why I'm asking for support. 

If you have the possibility to support my campaign financially, you can make a donation to the account of my support association "Terveyttä, tukea ja turvaa ry". Alternatively you can make the donation to the account of my party department "Suur-Leppävaaran Demarit ry". I hope for donations primarily to the account of my support association.

Receiver: Terveyttä, tukea ja turvaa ry

Account number: FI72 5780 3820 1992 05

Message: Vaalituki / Election support Taru Salovaara

Mobilepay: https://donation.securycast.com/sdp-eduskuntavaalit?d=4908c0a0-e28a-11e8-8985-00155d356515&aid=1224 

Receiver: Suur-Leppävaaran Demarit ry

Account number: FI95 5720 2360 9391 63

Reference number: 1038 (with this number the support will be directed to me)


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