My name is Taru Salovaara. I'm 30-year-old nurse from Espoo, Kilo. I work in home hospital. On my free time I like to go to gym but even more I enjoy influencing what I do in different organizations as an volunteer.


I have always been interested in making a difference, but only in the last few years have I found meaningful ways to do it. Through student activism, I got to know politically active people and also dared to join the party myself. Youth and student organizations were a safe place to accumulate my own expertise and practice influencing and politics. Then I made the decision to run for office in the municipal elections.

One significant factor was also getting diagnosed with cancer in 2017. I had just started my nursing studies and quit my regular job as a nurse. Even though the cancer treatments worked well and the cancer was defeated, it showed how vulnerable a person is when they get sick. We need more flexible opportunities for work and study that take people's individual situations into account. Huge sums of money are spent every year to care for people, but Finland is still in its infancy when it comes to rehabilitation. This is something that we should invest in a lot more - it is not only about people's quality of life, but also about the amount of able-bodied workers, their income taxes and thus the society as a whole.

Above all, I went into politics because I think more people from different backgrounds are needed. I often wonder if I know enough, but for my part, I want to dismantle this very idea. Everyone has unique experiences and skills that can be used to build the common good.

I started my working career as a practical nurse and during my studies I became aware of many problems that existed both in the working conditions and in the social and health service system. I already knew at that time that they were things I wanted to work on improving. I just didn't know how yet.


As surely for so many others, choosing a party was not easy for me either. Politics were talked about at home, but there were no politically active people in my family circle. In the elections, I had mostly voted by excluding the parties with which my values ​​ were too much in conflict and by making my voting decision based on the person first. Many people say that they have chosen a party that is closest to their own values, and this also applies to me. There are things I don't agree with the party about, but that's why we're involved in politics - to bring about change.

For me, it is important that politics are used to build social equality, invest in education and also take care of the climate. People's health and well-being must be promoted with high-quality and timely services, which everyone has the opportunity to access, regardless of their wealth. Especially after the corona crisis has afflicted many, Finland has drifted in an even more unequal direction. We now need a social democratic politics - politics that do not leave people to their own devices when they need help.

SDP is also a community where everyone is accepted as they are, regardless of their background. We want to build a better future for everyone together.

That's why SDP.