My name is Taru Salovaara. I'm 30-year-old nurse from Espoo, Kilo. I work in home hospital. On my free time I like to go to gym but even more I enjoy influencing what I do in different organizations as an volunteer.


There is actually many reasons why I decided to jump into politics. When I was a student I started with student politics and it was natural to continue to municipal elections and politics.

But the main reason is my job and what I have seen during these years first as an practical nurse and later as a nurse. So many people in Finland need more support and the system to get help and support is so complicated that I really wish I can help people with this. Of course I can't do it by myself but it's possible by doing it together.


First of all - there is no party which is a total match. But SDP is close. I share the same values as SDP. Equality, justness and solidarity are important values for me.