* Responsibility for organising health, social and rescue services will be transferred from municipalities to wellbeing services counties in the beginning of 2023.

* The highest decision-making power in each wellbeing services county will be exercised by a county council.

* In these elections we elect councilors for 21 wellbeing services counties.

* The county councils begin their work 1st of March 2022.


* The first county elections will be conducted on Sunday 23 January 2022.

* The advance voting period in Finland: 12-18 January 2022.

* The advance voting period abroad: 12-15 January 2022.

Who can vote?

* A person who reaches the age of 18 years

And one of these:

* A citizen of Finland or another EU Member State, Iceland or Norway or

* A citizen of some other state has had had a municipality of residence in Finland for an uninterrupted period of two years or 

* Employed by the EU or an international organisation operating in Finland

* Municipality of residence must be a municipality belonging to the wellbeing services county in question on the 51st day before election day

Where can I vote?

* You can check your own voting place:

Remember vote!


🆘 Social and health care professionals are our most important resource - without them we don't have social and health care services

🏥 Public services are the basis of our social and health care system - private and third sector are needed as an complementary services

👀 People should be seen as a person not a disease - overall support is a key for a better quality of life

✨ Associations supporting welfare  - we need to guarantee resources which make sure social and health care associations ability to continue their valuable work

As a nurse, practical nurse and social and health care association active these themes are my speciality.   


You can read more of my thoughts from voting aid applications. Unfortunately most of the applications are only in Finnish.

Helsingin Sanomat (only in Finnish)

Ilta-Sanomat (only in Finnish)


Länsiväylä (local media, only in Finnish)