For me it's important that Espoo is a place where we can enjoy versatile services. Even though the finance of the city could be better, we shouldn't cut off services. It's easy way, but not the right way. So that city will can be well-being, we need well-being people. That's why we need services which support the well-being of municipal citizens. 

Here is some of my main themes: equality between different areas, accessibility and availability of services and sustainable development. 


Espoo is known for a welfare and vital city. Even though there are big differences between areas. For example reasonable priced living is important way to prevent inequality.

Accessibility and availability of services is one of the biggest factors for people well-being. Especially we should invest public services so that everyone has possibility to get the services they need. Other wise differences in health will grow and health problems will be more complicated. And that means more costs for a long term.

Sustainable development is more than actions against climate change. Sustainable finance is the basis for sustainable city. Money shouldn't be the first thing to watch when we do decisions. We also need to take into account social and environmental sustainability.  


Young people
* mental health services 
* quality of education

* good life no matter if you live at home or not
* more resources to home care

In general: every decision should be made only if we have heard those who are the target of the decision.